How Virtual Stars Competition Works

The Virtual Stars Competition:

Virtual Stars allows athletes from any sport and any location to compete against other athletes nationally using qualified judges that can rank their athletic performances. We work with coaches, clubs, organizations and judges in order to provide you with a virtual athletic competition. We offer a variety of service levels from complete end to end management of your event to even renting or co-branding of our website.

Virtual Stars competition can even help with:

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Benefits of online competition

Performances will be judged and ranked in order by a video performance. There are several benefits to online athletic competition and online ranking including:

  1. Athletic competitions can create weekends that are very time consuming and expensive when booking flights and competing across the country .
  2. A coach can submit an athlete's best performance video after many trials and errors.
  3. A normal competition lasts for one day, but an online competition is eternal.
  4. In athletics we experience high entrance and expensive parking fees that are eliminated when competition is online.
  5. Most injuries in athletics happen when athletes perform on equipment that they are not used to training on. Online competition eliminates this risk.
  6. Athletic competitions are usually on a weekend and they can take away from your usual weekend activities. Your video submission gives you the time that you need to video your own performance and it can even be on a weekday.
  7. Duel competitions between two teams can be very expensive to set up if you are an athletic gym owner. You may have to purchase large equipment and require a large invite with a lot of teams to pay for the space you rent and the equipment you rent. Not anymore.... Duel competitions between only two teams now become affordable.
  8. Donations to charitable causes are affordable through Virtual Stars. Since gym owners no longer must rent large spaces and equipment they can donate to causes they care about. Virtual Stars currently donates to ALS and to the NAIGC scholarship fund.
  9. Getting a qualified judge to your competition can be a hard task. It may require that you must buy a plane ticket for your judge. Not anymore, a judge can judge any performance from any location through Virtual Stars.
  10. Recruiters for colleges/ universities can now browse ranked videos online instead of or in addition to traveling far distances to find athletes for their teams.

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